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I hope you find what you're looking for!

Welcome to cTextures.com.


A website with free photo images, mostly aimed at 2D/3D modelling, but also for any other graphic content. I hope you find what you're looking for.


Many images have been tiled, and in that case have the suffix "tiled" in the title.


  • Tiled-x = tiled horizontally
  • Tiled-y = tiled vertically
  • Tiled-xy = tiled horizontally and vertically


Notice all thumbnails are the same size, but the dimensions of the actual images vary.

Unedited images are large (8-15 mb.) so be patient when loading.



All images are free to download and use for all non-commercial purposes.


You are allowed to:

1. modify the images in any way you like.

2. redistribute the images. In doing so, referring to this website is appreciated.

3. sell the images, ONLY as part of other work, such as 3D models (the textures), posters, cover art and similar.


You are not allowed to:

1. claim the images to be made by yourself or any other than the owner of this website.

2. sell the images unaltered, either separately or bundled.

3. demand compensation for any damages the images might cause, either to whatever content it's used in, or to hardware.



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